Changing What It Means To Be “Sent To The Office.”

We all know what to means to be sent to office, right?  It usually means you messed up.  Bad behavior or bad school work, it is almost always a compliance or deficiency issue. But what if being sent to the office meant that you were going to get to work on your dreams? How might that change attitudes when it comes to school, and school work?


With 20% of U.S high school kids dropping out, and student to school counselor ratios at 400 to 1, we at One Million Dreams feel it’s time to change the culture of compliance to a purpose driven educational culture. 

We are learning that students who know why they are there (in school), what they, themselves want to achieve - a higher purpose, life goals, dreams, and have road map and mentoring for achieving those dreams - outperform peers without access such a toolkit. The data shows high school students enrolled in mentoring programs have graduation rates of 97%, as compared with the 80% average graduation rate. 

What’s even more exciting is to witness the spike in motivation among students who begin working in their dreams and the progress they make, not only towards their dreams (on the app or in the workbook), but the impact it has on their performance and motivation every where else.


The same factors that drive employee engagement in the workplace, also drives engagement in schools. Intrinsic motivation, not just carrots and sticks, is what we are talking about. Mastery (or efficacy), autonomy, and purpose are the key intrinsic motivators and the 1MDreams App and One Million Dreams mentor programs helps them achieve just that.


Partnering with our area school districts and colleges with One Million Dreams pilot programs is helping us develop proprietary platforms for each organization, customized to fit their culture and envisioned outcomes. While our team sets to disrupt status quo, collaboration allows for a fluid transformation and for us to make a huge social impact together – building a world of dreamers and doers.

The Field Manual

  The One Million Dreams Field Manual is designed to help create a world of dreamers and doers. This book helps readers ideate and "work" on their dreams. You will be inspired by the stories of others who have overcome life challenges and made their own dreams become real. This book includes worksheets and coaching tools that help you create a road map and an action plan for your dreams. This book can also serve as a companion to the One Million Dreams mobile application, which can be found on Google Play and the App Store. 

To purchase your copy just click the image above. 


I won’t say I was skeptical, but I will say I had some reservations. We come here to work, not to play. The thing is, now that I have started dreaming, and playing, again, I feel like I am working harder, and working even better, and enjoying it more.

The dream mentor program got me thinking about and doing things I had put off for way too long.

I have now:

  •  Booked a vacation to Playa Del Carmen this summer (first vacation in almost 2 years and first one with the baby)
  • Paid off some debt,
  • Am Eating healthier
  • Adopted an overall healthier lifestyle,
  •  Have much less stress overall and,
  • Have a couple of relaxing day trips planned with the family over the summer

I am still working on the following dreams:

  •  take the wife on a movie date night ( I didn’t realize how big of a deal this was until we had a new baby)
  • going to start looking at bikes for FUN recreation and workout purposes
  • I still want to plant a garden

Dream Trip

For over 20 years, whenever an anniversary would come around instead of celebrating in a way that solely focused on the milestone of our relationship, there was always something needful for the kids. Not that we weren't happy to send them to camp, get them braces or pay for school tuition, but none of those things were anniversary celebrations. 

It wasn't until I started writing down my dreams that I got a clear picture of what our 30th should look like. As I began to write down my 101 dreams, I dared to write down: "30th wedding anniversary,   Cancun, just the two of us." At the time, I wasn't thinking about how the kids are still in school at that time of year, or we probably wouldn't have the money, etc. I just wrote it down and dated it. 

A few weeks into the dream mentor program, I was able to book the trip at a 4 star resort in Cancun. What actually happened? What had changed? For the first time in years, I started dreaming again.

Just to be clear, the Dream Program didn't all of a sudden translate into winning the lotto. 

But when I started exploring the possibilities, I discovered that a week in Cancun around Memorial day (including airfare) was the same price as driving down to coast and staying at a beach condo.  



Now, most dreams are not about trips and luxurious items, though some are. Many dreams revolve around health, career, money matters, relationships and family, creativity and innovation, education, home ownership, a lot of very real stuff. Our dreams may even include reducing crime in our communities, lowering unemployment , helping high school and college graduation rates and other social impacts.  

That is the magic and power of dreams and having a process that maps vision into reality. A set of priorities, along with discipline, commitment, confidence, and support.  Being driven by the energy that has been sitting dormant inside of us helps us see what is already there.

It's a little different for everyone. The beauty is that through the Dream Mentorship program, you can find out what your dreams really are and how to make them reality.