one million dreams

Start Dreaming Now and Change Your World


One Million Dreams is a Dream Mentor Platform and Mobile Application that helps people articulate, work on, and accelerate their dreams by providing the mentorship, roadmaps and toolkits to turn their dreams into reality.

One Million Dreams is the positive, purposeful social app designed to help your dreams go from action to result.

Our Mission is to Build a World of Dreamers and Doers.  

The mobile app  helps users to pursue and achieve their boldest aspirations. On the Dream App users identify their dreams, as well as the actions and timelines for achieving them. On the dream app's dashboard, several categories of dreams appear and are shared in a feed where dreamers inspire one another, like, comment, and provide the connections that help make dreams become real, creating a community, and a world of dreamers and doers. Within one's own dream profile, the app alerts and notifies users reminding them to take action which helps hold oneself accountable for their own progress and success.

The Power of Dreams 


Dreams have the power to change the way we think about work, family, relationships, money, and life itself. 

One Million Dreams is a social platform designed to help you create and accelerate your dreams.

Companies, non-profits, schools and government agencies can all benefit by investing in their people and reap the rewards of a community of dreamers who are driven towards making the world a better place. 


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"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They're Not Big Enough"