Becoming a Team of Dreamers


I don't know exactly when I stopped dreaming. At some point I lost the ability to distinguish between my goals and my dreams. And because some of the goals I had achieved were pretty epic, the lines had been blurred. I have discovered that the achievement of goals and dreams are not quite the same thing. A goal is like the Spurs winning a pivotal game, a dream is like winning an NBA championship.  

 One Million Dreams' CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer, Winslow Swart

One Million Dreams' CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer, Winslow Swart

The cool thing about dreams is that they are unlimited and completely up to you. Making your dreams real is a path that makes life more meaningful and lights up your day, provides energy, and  elevates purpose. At OneMillionDreams we help you make your dreams real. 

 Alberto and myself are working to create a community of dreamers. While we have all accomplished some epic things in our lives, it wasn't until we began dreaming that we began to reach our own potentials and committed to helping others reach theirs. 

What would happen if you wrote down 101 dreams and began to act upon just five of them? This is something we will help you find out, and the results can be rather awesome. 

Some of your dreams will be about money and career. Other dreams might be about adventure, relationships, and family. There are dreams about health, personal growth, intellectual and spiritual pursuits. 

Whatever categories your dreams fall into, the energy gained from acting upon just a few of them is immense. 



Beto believes that the foundations of his career have been the relationships he has fostered by maintaining a collaborative philosophy influenced by mentors and family. As a millennial, he also recognizes the inherent value of technology in finding inter-connectedness opportunities, which makes it simple to reach out and connect with other people. Technology, when used mindfully, can bring about positive change – empowering people to engage locally, while connecting with global networks to expand their knowledge and impact their cities and communities. That’s why he is a strong supporter of OneMillionDreams. Through this mentoring program he was able to enhance his vision as a social entrepreneur, advocate and public speaker. Through mentoring sessions with OneMillionDreams, he was able to craft a speech on civic technology presented at TEDxMcAllen.

 One Million Dreams' VP of Dreams, Alberto "Beto" Altamirano

One Million Dreams' VP of Dreams, Alberto "Beto" Altamirano

The Power of Dreams 


Nearly 70 percent of the U.S. workforce is either Not Engaged or Actively Disengaged. That means ONLY 30 percent of all American workers are Engaged and trying to make customers happier, improve products and services, and make the workplace a little better for everyone. Dream Mentorship has the potential to turn these statistics on their head. 

Dreams have the power to change the way we think about work, family, relationships, money, and even life itself. When we were younger we all had dreams and we were excited about our futures. 

At some point along the way, we stopped dreaming and the flame that burned so brightly within each of us had begun to dim, just a little at a time.  

The Dream Mentorship program is designed to ignite our inner sense of purpose and help us reach our true potential. 

Companies, non-profits, schools, and government agencies can all benefit by investing in their people and reap the rewards of a community of dreamers who are driven towards making the world a better place. 


OneMillionDreams.Me communities consist of learning and work groups in both the public and private sector. 

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