The Dream Program got me doing things I really wanted to do, but for some reason just hadn’t.

Well, I’ve been doing pretty good with the things I want to focus on for myself.  It’s probably easier if I just list them:


*I have been walking 2-3 times a week (30-45 min. during my lunch hour) and/or 2-3 times a week evenings for (45 min-1hr).  I even managed to walk during my trip to Mexico.  Beach walking takes a bit more energy due to the sand…whewww!  I do not have a “weight” goal in mind.  All I know is that I feel allot better and have more energy since I started walking again.  J


*I have carefully and successfully integrated all of my family members into my niece Hilary’s life and she is very comfortable with everyone (as long as I am right by her side).   I see Hilary regularily (as her work & my schedule permit) and I speak to her every day on the telephone just to say hi and see how she’s doing.   

The newest development is that her mother’s family has finally come around and want to see her. There have been some problems with sharing the visitation schedule so I’m laying back and allowing them the time they need with Hilary.  I’m hopeful that everyone will come together and agree to a workable schedule for Hilary’s sake (fingers crossed).

I did meet with her Group Home Caregivers and have learned allot about her daily living and about her health issues. 

I have also met Hilary’s “boyfriend” Max.  He’s is also mentally challenged and is a very sweet young man.  They don’t have the usual dating relationship but they do see each other at their jobs (Unicorn Center) and they talk on the phone all the time.  

I am developing a really great relationship with Hilary.  She seeks me out for advice and shares things that are bothering her. She trusts me!


That’s about all for now….hasta luego!