After my first dream session, my first three dreams were to go to a concert VIP, go see my best friend Blondie in Florida and to get a better grasp on my finances. What initially started out as a trip to see Maroon 5 live in concert ending up being a trip to see my ultimate favorite artist of all time Rihanna VIP.

To say that I had a blast would be the world’s biggest understatement. After making the decision to go see Rihanna, I thought, ‘well, what’s stopping me from doing what I ACTUALLY want to do?’ So, I bought my train ticket to go see Blondie down in Florida for her birthday and then, the dreams kept on coming. I remember sitting in my backyard and thinking one day, “Wow, I would love to be a part of the Black Girls Rock Foundation’ and I thought, well, what’s stopping me? So I got my dream journal and started writing, and writing and writing. I remembered that Rihanna does work with her non-profit organization, The Clara Lionel Foundation, that does cancer research and I would love to work with that organization being that not only is she my ultimate fave, but my father beat cancer back in 2011. And then, the random dreams that I was way too scared to ever speak aloud I wrote down; I want to write a book, I want to see a volcano (not an active one), I want to see the northern lights, I want to be a part of Girl’s Inc. And all of this made me a more confident person in my day to day life, all because someone told me to dream. Using the envelope method has now given me a much different relationship with money. Now, when I swipe my card, I actually think about the purchase, and having a tangible relationship with money helps me to actually see the process of saving. I’m now reading three books all because I want to. My relationship with my friends and family is much more supportive and empathetic because when I talk to them I try to decipher the dreams wrapped up in the mouthful of words they’re saying.

Because of this initiative, I now feel like this is my dream job. I knew that all things worked out for a reason, me graduating, having a quick 4 week break and then immediately getting hired with not just a job, but what I hope will turn into my career. All of my past projects seem to make sense now. I remember being back in my capstone class and creating a program that would educate and empower young black women both personally and professionally and I never thought I would actually get a chance to implement it and here I am, as the coordinator of the Eastside Dreamers Academy program. How did this happen? Because someone dared me to dream.