A Letter Of Thanks To My Mentors

My Dare2Dream experience has been an eye opening. It has helped me become a more patient and understanding person to my soon to be wife. It has helped reinforce what I’ve learned about intentionality through the John C. Maxwell teachings. It has helped me become more intentional about my career and the things that I want to accomplish and become involved with. However, the most significant impact from this program is coming to the realization that I had no idea what I truly wanted to accomplish.

 Dreamer - Demonte Alexander

Dreamer - Demonte Alexander

For years, I believed that I was certain about what I wanted from life, others, and myself. However, I was surprisingly mistaken. Dare2Dream/OneMillionDreams has helped me mentally wipe the slate clean from the clutter that I have collected over the years in terms of the things I thought I wanted to accomplish. Now that my mind is clear, I am now able to set achievable and relatable goals that not only benefit me, but also the relationship with my family and close friends.

Over the past several weeks I have noticed that this mindset not only benefits you on a personal level, but also in everything aspect of my life. I am now more intentional about what I wear, who I spend my time with, what places to hang out at and for how long. It has truly been a blessing in helping me to progress through life’s experiences more fluidly. I thank the both of you for caring enough about your team to share this great knowledge, and I am looking forward to discovering more about myself and sharing this valuable information with others.

Thanks for your leadership,




After my first dream session, my first three dreams were to go to a concert VIP, go see my best friend Blondie in Florida and to get a better grasp on my finances. What initially started out as a trip to see Maroon 5 live in concert ending up being a trip to see my ultimate favorite artist of all time Rihanna VIP.

To say that I had a blast would be the world’s biggest understatement. After making the decision to go see Rihanna, I thought, ‘well, what’s stopping me from doing what I ACTUALLY want to do?’ So, I bought my train ticket to go see Blondie down in Florida for her birthday and then, the dreams kept on coming. I remember sitting in my backyard and thinking one day, “Wow, I would love to be a part of the Black Girls Rock Foundation’ and I thought, well, what’s stopping me? So I got my dream journal and started writing, and writing and writing. I remembered that Rihanna does work with her non-profit organization, The Clara Lionel Foundation, that does cancer research and I would love to work with that organization being that not only is she my ultimate fave, but my father beat cancer back in 2011. And then, the random dreams that I was way too scared to ever speak aloud I wrote down; I want to write a book, I want to see a volcano (not an active one), I want to see the northern lights, I want to be a part of Girl’s Inc. And all of this made me a more confident person in my day to day life, all because someone told me to dream. Using the envelope method has now given me a much different relationship with money. Now, when I swipe my card, I actually think about the purchase, and having a tangible relationship with money helps me to actually see the process of saving. I’m now reading three books all because I want to. My relationship with my friends and family is much more supportive and empathetic because when I talk to them I try to decipher the dreams wrapped up in the mouthful of words they’re saying.

Because of this initiative, I now feel like this is my dream job. I knew that all things worked out for a reason, me graduating, having a quick 4 week break and then immediately getting hired with not just a job, but what I hope will turn into my career. All of my past projects seem to make sense now. I remember being back in my capstone class and creating a program that would educate and empower young black women both personally and professionally and I never thought I would actually get a chance to implement it and here I am, as the coordinator of the Eastside Dreamers Academy program. How did this happen? Because someone dared me to dream.  


I won’t say I was skeptical, but I will say I had some reservations. We come here to work, not to play. The thing is, now that I have started dreaming, and playing, again, I feel like I am working harder, and working even better, and enjoying it more.

The dream mentor program got me thinking about and doing things I had put off for way too long.

I have now:

  •  Booked a vacation to Playa Del Carmen this summer (first vacation in almost 2 years and first one with the baby)
  • Paid off some debt,
  • Am Eating healthier
  • Adopted an overall healthier lifestyle,
  •  Have much less stress overall and,
  • Have a couple of relaxing day trips planned with the family over the summer

I am still working on the following dreams:

  •  take the wife on a movie date night ( I didn’t realize how big of a deal this was until we had a new baby)
  • going to start looking at bikes for FUN recreation and workout purposes
  • I still want to plant a garden


The Dream Program got me doing things I really wanted to do, but for some reason just hadn’t.

Well, I’ve been doing pretty good with the things I want to focus on for myself.  It’s probably easier if I just list them:


*I have been walking 2-3 times a week (30-45 min. during my lunch hour) and/or 2-3 times a week evenings for (45 min-1hr).  I even managed to walk during my trip to Mexico.  Beach walking takes a bit more energy due to the sand…whewww!  I do not have a “weight” goal in mind.  All I know is that I feel allot better and have more energy since I started walking again.  J


*I have carefully and successfully integrated all of my family members into my niece Hilary’s life and she is very comfortable with everyone (as long as I am right by her side).   I see Hilary regularily (as her work & my schedule permit) and I speak to her every day on the telephone just to say hi and see how she’s doing.   

The newest development is that her mother’s family has finally come around and want to see her. There have been some problems with sharing the visitation schedule so I’m laying back and allowing them the time they need with Hilary.  I’m hopeful that everyone will come together and agree to a workable schedule for Hilary’s sake (fingers crossed).

I did meet with her Group Home Caregivers and have learned allot about her daily living and about her health issues. 

I have also met Hilary’s “boyfriend” Max.  He’s is also mentally challenged and is a very sweet young man.  They don’t have the usual dating relationship but they do see each other at their jobs (Unicorn Center) and they talk on the phone all the time.  

I am developing a really great relationship with Hilary.  She seeks me out for advice and shares things that are bothering her. She trusts me!


That’s about all for now….hasta luego!  


Dream Trip

For over 20 years, whenever an anniversary would come around instead of celebrating in a way that solely focused on the milestone of our relationship, there was always something needful for the kids. Not that we weren't happy to send them to camp, get them braces or pay for school tuition, but none of those things were anniversary celebrations. 

It wasn't until I started writing down my dreams that I got a clear picture of what our 30th should look like. As I began to write down my 101 dreams, I dared to write down: "30th wedding anniversary,   Cancun, just the two of us." At the time, I wasn't thinking about how the kids are still in school at that time of year, or we probably wouldn't have the money, etc. I just wrote it down and dated it. 

A few weeks into the dream mentor program, I was able to book the trip at a 4 star resort in Cancun. What actually happened? What had changed? For the first time in years, I started dreaming again.

Just to be clear, the Dream Program didn't all of a sudden translate into winning the lotto. 

But when I started exploring the possibilities, I discovered that a week in Cancun around Memorial day (including airfare) was the same price as driving down to coast and staying at a beach condo.  



Now, most dreams are not about trips and luxurious items, though some are. Many dreams revolve around health, career, money matters, relationships and family, creativity and innovation, education, home ownership, a lot of very real stuff. Our dreams may even include reducing crime in our communities, lowering unemployment , helping high school and college graduation rates and other social impacts.  

That is the magic and power of dreams and having a process that maps vision into reality. A set of priorities, along with discipline, commitment, confidence, and support.  Being driven by the energy that has been sitting dormant inside of us helps us see what is already there.

It's a little different for everyone. The beauty is that through the Dream Mentorship program, you can find out what your dreams really are and how to make them reality.